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This Release Test-Smoke-1.6  [Download] [Browse 06 May 2013
Latest Release Test-Smoke-1.71  [Download] [Browse 14 May 2017
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Special Files


Test::Smoke The Perl core test smoke suite     1.6
Test::Smoke::BuildCFG OO interface for handling build configurations     0.009
Test::Smoke::FTPClient Implement a mirror like object     0.011
Test::Smoke::Mailer Wrapper to send the report.     0.015
Test::Smoke::Patcher OO interface to help patching the source-tree     0.011
Test::Smoke::Policy OO interface to handle the stuff.     0.004
Test::Smoke::Reporter OO interface for handling the testresults (mktest.out)     0.052
Test::Smoke::Smoker OO interface to do one smoke cycle.     0.045
Test::Smoke::SourceTree Manipulate the perl source-tree     0.008
Test::Smoke::Syncer OO interface for syncing the perl source-tree     0.028
Test::Smoke::SysInfo OO interface to system specific information     0.042
Test::Smoke::Util Take out some of the functions of the smoke suite.     0.58
Test::Smoke::Util::Execute Run a command and return its output.      


FAQ Test::Smoke frequently asked questions Configure a Makefile for the Windows port of perl Patch the sourcetree Check the buildconfigfile specified on the commandline Create a configuration for Send the smoke report by mail Patch the sourcetree Configure, build and test bleading edge perl Send the smoke report by protocol The perl Test::Smoke suite Check the status of a running smoke Cleanup and sync the perl-current source-tree