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Aldo Calpini
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Distribution Released
Lingua-IT-Conjugate-0.50 Conjugation of Italian verbs [Download] [Browse] 26 Mar 2002
Lingua-IT-Hyphenate-0.14 Italian word hyphenation [Download] [Browse] 26 Mar 2002
Lingua-Stem-It-0.02 Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian [Download] [Browse] 08 Jun 2007
Tie-AliasHash-1.02 Hash with aliases key (multiple keys, one value) [Download] [Browse] 11 Mar 2016
Win32-API-0.41 Perl Win32 API Import Facility [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2003
Win32-Clipboard-0.51 Interaction with the Windows clipboard [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2000
Win32-GUI-0.0.558   [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2001
Win32-Sound-0.52 An extension to play with Windows sounds [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2013
Win32GUI-Beta   [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 1998
WWW-Billomat-0.01 API access to Billomat services [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2013