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Adam Kennedy > Aspect-1.03


This Release Aspect-1.03  [Download] [Browse 30 Oct 2012
Latest Release Aspect-1.04  [Download] [Browse 08 Apr 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Aspect Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) for Perl     1.03
Aspect::Advice Change how Perl code is run at a pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Advice::After Execute code after a function is called     1.03
Aspect::Advice::Around Execute code both before and after a function     1.03
Aspect::Advice::Before Execute code before a function is called     1.03
Aspect::Guard General purpose guard object for destroy-time actions     1.03
Aspect::Hook Holding area for internal generated code     1.03
Aspect::Legacy Legacy Compatibility for     1.03
Aspect::Library Base class for all reusable aspects     1.03
Aspect::Library::Breakpoint A breakpoint aspect     1.03
Aspect::Library::Listenable Observer pattern with events     1.03
Aspect::Library::Listenable::Event     1.03
Aspect::Library::Singleton A singleton aspect     1.03
Aspect::Library::Wormhole A wormhole between call frames     1.03
Aspect::Modular First generation base class for reusable aspects     1.03
Aspect::Point The Join Point context     1.03
Aspect::Point::Functions Allow point context methods to be called as functions     1.03
Aspect::Point::Static The Join Point context for join point static parts     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut API for determining which events should be hooked     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::And Logical 'and' pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Call Call pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Cflow Cflow pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Highest Pointcut for preventing recursive matching     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Logic Pointcut logic role     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Not Logical 'not' pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Or Logical 'or' pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Returning Function returning without exception     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Throwing Exception typing pointcut     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::True Pointcut that allows arbitrary Perl code     1.03
Aspect::Pointcut::Wantarray A pointcut for the run-time wantarray context     1.03