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This Release Persistence-Entity-0.07  [Download] [Browse 07 Sep 2008
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Persistence::Attribute Abstract class for MOP attribute object.     0.04
Persistence::Attribute::AMCAdapter Adapter to Abstract::Meta::Class meta object protocol.     0.01
Persistence::Entity Persistence API for perl classes.     0.07
Persistence::Entity::Manager Persistence entity manager.     0.03
Persistence::Entity::Query Database entity query.     0.02
Persistence::Fetchable Fetching method base class.     0.02
Persistence::LOB LOBs mapping object.     0.02
Persistence::Meta::Injection Persisitence meta definition object.     0.01
Persistence::Meta::XML Persistence meta object xml injection     0.04
Persistence::ORM Object-relational mapping.     0.04
Persistence::Relationship Object relationship mapping     0.03
Persistence::Relationship::ManyToMany Many to many relationship     0.01
Persistence::Relationship::OneToMany One to many relationship.     0.01
Persistence::Relationship::ToOne To one relationship     0.01
Persistence::ValueGenerator Unqiue value generator.     0.01
Persistence::ValueGenerator::SequenceGenerator Unique value generator based on database sequence     0.02
Persistence::ValueGenerator::TableGenerator Unique value generator based on database table     0.02


Persistence::Manual Index of the Manual  
Persistence::Manual::EntityManager Persistence actions..  
Persistence::Manual::Introduction Introduction to Persistence::Entity.  
Persistence::Manual::LOB Large objects attributes persisitence.  
Persistence::Manual::Relationship Object relationships  
Persistence::Manual::ValueGenerator The primary key value generator.