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Lab::VISA::Installation - Installation guide for Lab::VISA

Installation on Windows ^


On 64-bit windows one needs a 32-bit version of perl with GNU binutils version <= 2.24. Otherwise linking with the NI-VISA library will fail. The reason for this are the following bugs in the GNU binutils:

These are fixed in the most recent version of the binutils. Once this version (2.26) is included in Strawberry Perl, it should be possible to use a 64-bit version of perl.

It is not possible to use either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Strawberry Perl 5.22 as this version uses binutils 2.25.

Installation on Linux ^

As a Linux user you will probably be able to figure out things yourself. Here is a rough outline:

Testing the installation ^

Here is a quick test program that you can run with perl -Mblib

    use Lab::VISA;
    my ($status, $sesn) = Lab::VISA::viOpenDefaultRM();
    printf "status: %x (%s)\n", $status, (($status == $Lab::VISA::VI_SUCCESS) ? "success" : "no success");
    print "sesn: $sesn\n";
    my ($status, $findList, $retcnt, $instrDesc) = Lab::VISA::viFindRsrc($sesn, "ASRL1::INSTR"); 
    printf "status: %x (%s)\n", $status, (($status == $Lab::VISA::VI_SUCCESS) ? "success" : "no success");
    print "findList: $findList\n";
    print "retcnt: $retcnt\n";
    print "instrDesc: $instrDesc\n";


  (c) 2010,2011 Daniel Schröer, Andreas K. Hüttel, Daniela Taubert, and others.
      2012      Andreas K. Hüttel
      2016      Simon Reinhardt, Andreas K. Hüttel
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