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Gergely Nagy > Babble-0.07


This Release Babble-0.07  [Download] [Browse 25 Apr 2004
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Babble RSS Feed Aggregator and Blog engine    0.07
Babble::Cache Caching infrastructure for Babble     
Babble::Cache::Class::Hash In-memory cache storage for Babble::Cache     
Babble::Cache::Dumper Data::Dumper based cache for Babble     
Babble::Cache::Storable Storable-based cache for Babble     
Babble::DataSource Base data source class for Babble     
Babble::DataSource::DBI Babble data collector using DBI     
Babble::DataSource::FlatFile Flat file source fetcher for Babble     
Babble::DataSource::Mail Fetch documents from mail archives     
Babble::DataSource::OPML OPML source fetcher for Babble     
Babble::DataSource::RSS RSS source fetcher for Babble     
Babble::Document Babble document container class     
Babble::Document::Collection Babble document collector class     
Babble::Encode Encoding wrapper for Babble     
Babble::Output Base output class for Babble     
Babble::Output::RSS RSS output method for Babble     
Babble::Output::TTk Output method for Babble that uses the Template Toolkit     
Babble::Processors Processor collection for Babble     
Babble::Processors::Extra Extra processors for Babble     
Babble::Theme Base class for Babble themes     
Babble::Theme::XML XML theme for Babble     
Babble::Theme::advogato Advogato inspired theme for Babble     
Babble::Theme::planet Planet inspired theme for Babble     
Babble::Theme::planet_gray Planet inspired theme for Babble     
Babble::Theme::sidebar A theme for the Mozilla sidebar     
Babble::Transport Transport abstraction layer for Babble     
Babble::Transport::LWP LWP based transport layer for Babble     
Babble::Utils Non-essential Babble extensions and utility methods     


babble Simplistic Babble frontend