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Geo::Google::Path - A path, by automobile, between two loci.


  use Geo::Google::Path;
  # you shouldn't need to construct these yourself,
  # have a Geo::Google object do it for you.


Google Maps is able to serve up directions between two points. Directions consist of two types of components:

  1. a series of points along a "polyline".
  2. a series of annotations, each of which applies to a contiguous
  range of points.

In the Geo::Google object model, directions are available by calling path() on a Geo::Google instance. The return value is a Geo::Google::Path object, which is a composite of Geo::Google::Segment objects, which are in turn composites of Geo::Google::Location objects.


Geo::Google::Path objects provide the following accessor methods

 Method      Description
 ------      -----------
 distance    length of the segment, in variable, human friendly units.
 polyline    a string encoding the points in the path.
 levels      a string containing information used for rendering the 
             polyline in an application like Google Maps.
 panel       HTML+JavaScript version of the driving directions for
             use in an AJAX application.  Google Maps uses this
             data in the left hand panel of a directions search.
 segments    a list of Geo::Google::Segment segments along the path.
             a segment has 0..1 driving directions associated with it.
 time        a time estimate, in variable, human-friendly units for how long
             the segment will take to travel by automobile.
 locations   an array of Geo::Google::Location objects containing 
             the start point (element 0 of the array), the final
             destination (the last element of the array), and any 
             waypoints between them that were used in the directions
             query.  There will always be at least two elements in
             this array (start point and final destination).  
 toXML       a method that renders the path in XML that could be used as 
             part of a Google Earth KML file.
 toJSON      a method that renders the path in JSON that could be used 
             with Google Maps.




Allen Day <>, Michael Trowbridge <>


Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Allen Day. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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