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Module Version: 4.1.0   Source   Latest Release: Tapper-MCP-5.0.6




This function opens a connection to the conserver. Conserver, port and user can be given as arguments, yet are optional. @param string - system to open a console to @opt string - Address or name of the console server @opt int - port number of the console server @opt string - username to be used

@returnlist success - (IO::Socket::INET object) @returnlist error - (error string)


Disconnect the filehandle given as first argument from the conserver. We first try to quit kindly but if this fails (by what reason ever) the filehandle is simply closed. Closing a socket can not fail, so the function always succeeds. Thus no return value is needed.

@param IO::Socket::INET - file handle connected to the conserver

@return none


Start a simnow installation on given host. Installer is supposed to start the simnow controller in turn.

@param string - hostname

@return success - 0 @return error - error string


Start a ssh testrun on given host. This starts both the Installer and PRC.

@param string - hostname

@return success - 0 @return error - error string


Install client package of given architecture on given host at optional given possition.

@param string - hostname @param hash ref - contains arch and dest_path

@return success - 0 @return error - error string


Reboot the named system. First we try to do it softly, if that does not work, we try a hard reboot. Unfortunately this does not give any feedback. Thus you have to wait for the typical reboot time of the system in question and if the system does not react after this time assume that the reboot failed. This is not included in this function, since it would make it to complex.

@param string - name of the system to be rebooted @param bool - hard reset without ssh

@return success - 0 @return error - error string


Write the given text to the grub file for the system given as parameter.

@param string - name of the system @param string - text to put into grub file

@return success - 0 @return error - error string


Create a report containing the test machines hw config as set in the hardware db. Leave the sending to caller

@param int - testrun id

@return success - (0, hw_report) @return error - (1, error string)


AMD OSRC Tapper Team <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc..

This is free software, licensed under:

  The (two-clause) FreeBSD License
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