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Source   Latest Release: File-Rsync-Mirror-Recent-0.4.3


rrr-client - continously mirror recent updates


  rrr-client [options]

  rrr-client --source some.mirror::module/ --target /some/dir/



Prints a brief message and exists.


Source to mirror from, including the name of the RECENT metadata file. For example


Destination directory for the mirror.


Username if the rsync source requires it.


Password if the rsync source requires it. Can also be set by setting the environment variable RSYNC_PASSWORD.


Only needed for debugging. Path to the internally used status file. Argument is passed through to the File::Rsync::Mirror::Recent object.


Defaults to false. If true, skips all delete events in the index files which means no files are being deleted that have been deleted upstream.


Directory for temporary files; should be on the same file system partition as the --target directory.


Defaults to false. Note: Older versions of rrr-client defaulted to being verbose.


Path to the logfile to write verbose progress information to.


Mirror a remote directory based on a set of RECENT* files provided by the remote server.

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