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rrr-fsck -


  rrr-fsck [options] principalfile



Does nothing, only prints what it would do.


Prints a brief message and exits.


If provided fsck will try to mirror missing files from this location. For remote locations requiring authentication you may need to set the environment variables USER and RSYNC_PASSWORD as well.


More feedback.


Consider all answers to asked questions to be yes.


Compares disk contents with index contents and gathers files missing on local disk and files missing in local index.

If remoteroot is given missing files are fetched from remote.

Files on the local disk that have no counterpart in the index are considered obsolete and the user is asked for each file if the file should be deleted. And if the user confirms it will be deleted.


There is a race condition when the tree or the index is manipulated while we are running. This implies that the result is only then 100% correct when disk and index are not changed while we are running.

There should be an option to declare the files on disk authoritative so that they are added to the index.

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