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Distribution Released
Data-YAML-0.0.7 Easy YAML serialisation of Perl data structures [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2015
Data-Structure-Util-0.16 Change nature of data within a structure [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2015
Net-CIDR-Set-0.13 Manipulate sets of IP addresses [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2014
Perl-Version-1.011 Parse and manipulate Perl version strings [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2011
CGI-Simple-1.113 A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant [Download] [Browse] 27 Dec 2010
Digest-MD6-0.11 Perl interface to the MD6 Algorithm [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2010
Bundle-AndyA-1.12 Basic working environment. [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2010
File-Monitor-1.00 Monitor files and directories for changes. [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2010
Path-Class-Each-0.03 Iterate lines in a file [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2010
WWW-Notifo-0.09 Interface to notification service [Download] [Browse] 21 Jul 2010
File-Find-Parallel-0.52 Traverse a number of similar directories in parallel [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2010
Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.94 A Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2010
Captcha-reCAPTCHA-Mailhide-0.94 A Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA Mailhide API [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2010
XML-RSS-PicLens-0.04 Create a PicLens compatible RSS feed [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2010
CPAN-Mini-Inject-0.27 Inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror. [Download] [Browse] 28 Jan 2010
Acme-MirrorTracer-2009.051914390009 Do nothing. [Download] [Browse] 24 Aug 2009
WWW-ErnestMarples-0.01 Interface to the UK postcode lookup API [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2009
latest-0.03 Use the latest Perl features [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2009
like-0.02 Declare support for an interface [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2009
Devel-LeakGuard-Object-0.06 Scoped checks for object leaks [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2009
Digest-HMAC_MD6-0.01 MD6 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2009
Devel-TraceLoad-1.04 Discover which modules a Perl program loads. [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2009
APR-HTTP-Headers-Compat-0.02 Make an APR::Table look like an HTTP::Headers [Download] [Browse] 11 Jun 2009
Lingua-Abbreviate-Hierarchy-0.04 Shorten verbose namespaces [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2009
Geo-Coordinates-ITM-0.02 Convert coordinates between lat/lon and Irish Transverse Mercator [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Geo-Gpx-0.26 Create and parse GPX files. [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
URI-geo-0.05 The geo URI scheme. [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
XML-Descent-1.04 Recursive descent XML parsing [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Data-Object-AutoWrap-0.02 Autogenerate accessors for R/O object data [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Data-Find-0.03 Find data in arbitrary data structures [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Class-Std-Slots-0.31 Provide signals and slots for standard classes. [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Acme-6502-0.75 Pure Perl 65C02 simulator. [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Crypt-PerfectPaperPasswords-0.06 Steve Gibson's Perfect Paper Passwords [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
GPS-Babel-0.11 Perl interface to gpsbabel [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2009
Devel-Ditto-0.06 Identify where print output comes from [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2009
IPC-ShareLite-0.17 Lightweight interface to shared memory [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2009
HTML-Tiny-1.05 Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2009
Set-IntSpan-Fast-XS-0.05 Faster Set::IntSpan::Fast [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2009
String-Smart-0.4 Strings that know how to escape themselves. [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2009
Devel-DTrace-0.11 Enable dtrace probes for subroutine entry, exit [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2009
Set-IntSpan-Fast-1.15 Fast handling of sets containing integer spans. [Download] [Browse] 09 Dec 2008
WWW-Plurk-0.02 Unoffical API [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2008
TAP-Filter-0.04 Filter TAP stream within TAP::Harness [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2008
Sub-Become-0.01 Syntactic sugar to allow a sub to replace itself [Download] [Browse] 11 Jun 2008
Test-More-Strict-0.02 Enforce policies on test results [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2008
TextMate-JumpTo-0.07 Tell TextMate to jump to a particular file, line [Download] [Browse] 31 May 2008
WWW-TarPipe-0.01 An interface to's REST based web service. [Download] [Browse] 08 May 2008
WWW-MySociety-Gaze-0.02 An interface to's Gazetteer service [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2008
Test-Steering-0.02 Execute test scripts conditionally [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2008
Geo-Hash-0.02 Encode / decode locations. [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2008
HTTP-Proxy-GreaseMonkey-0.05 Run GreaseMonkey scripts in any browser [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2007
re-engine-Oniguruma-0.04 Use the Oniguruma regex engine with Perl [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2007
Devel-LeakTrace-Fast-0.11 indicate where leaked variables are coming from. [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2007
Geo-Lookup-ByTime-0.10 Lookup location by time [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2007
Parallel-Iterator-1.00 Simple parallel execution [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2007
Devel-Unplug-0.03 Simulate the non-availability of modules [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2007
TAP-Formatter-TextMate-0.1 Generate TextMate compatible test output [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2007
Test-More-Diagnostic-0.2 Conditionally add YAML diagnostics to Test::More's output [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2007
TAP-Convert-TET-0.2.1 Convert TAP to TET [Download] [Browse] 07 Sep 2007
IO-Mark-v0.0.1 Read unseekable filehandles non-destructively. [Download] [Browse] 27 Feb 2007
Image-ExifTool-Location-v0.0.4 Easy setting, getting of an image's location information [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2007
Sort-Rank-v0.0.2 Sort arrays by some score and organise into ranks. [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2007
Data-BISON-v0.0.3 Encode or decode a BISON stream [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2007
Closure-Loop-v0.0.3 redo, last, next for closure based loops [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2007