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mcpani -- A command line tool to manage a CPAN Mini Mirror.


mcpani [options] < --add | --update | --mirror | --inject >


    --add               Add a new package to the repository
          --module      Name of the module to add
          --authorid    Author ID of the module
          --modversion  Version number of the module
          --all-in-meta parse all modules in the META.yml
          --discover-packages discover modules in all .pm files
          --file        tar.gz file of the module

    --update            Update local CPAN mirror and inject modules
    --mirror            Update local CPAN mirror from remote
    --inject            Add modules from repository to CPAN mirror


    -h, --help          This synopsis
    -H, --man           Detailed description

    -l, --local         local location for CPAN::Mini Mirror
    -r, --remote        CPAN mirror to mirror from
    -p, --passive       Enable passive ftp for mirroring.
    -v, --verbose       verbose output
    -V, --version       Version information.
        --signing-key   See CPAN::Checksums $SIGNING_KEY


mcpani is a command-line brief description goes here.



Add a module to the repository for later inclusion in the CPAN Mini mirror. The add command requires the following parameters:


This is the name of the module (ie CPAN::Mini::Inject).


A CPAN 'like' author ID for the module. The author ID does not need to exist on CPAN.


Version number of the module. This must match the version number in the file name.


This option will add every module listed in the 'provides' section of the META.yml contained in the tar.gz provided by the --file option.

The options --module and --modversion are still recognized. If the same module/version is found in the META.yml it is not duplicated.

If the META.yml file or the 'provides' section is missing, then a warning is issued and the only module added is the one provided by --module / --modversion.


File name and path of the module. The file name must follow the standard CPAN naming convention (the resulting file from a make tardist).


  mcpani --add --module CPAN::Mini::Inject --authorid SSORICHE
         --modversion 0.01 file ./CPAN-Mini-Inject-0.01.tar.gz


Update your local CPAN Mini mirror from a CPAN site. Once completed add the modules contained in the repository to it. This is the same as running mcpani --mirror followed by mcpani --inject


Update the local CPAN Mini mirror from CPAN.


Add the repository modules into the CPAN Mini mirror.

-l, --local

A local directory to store the CPAN Mini mirror in. Specifying this option overrides the value in the config file.

-r, --remote

A CPAN site to create the local CPAN Mini mirror from.

-v, --verbose

Display verbose processing information

-V, --version

Display version information.


mcpani uses a simple configuration file in the following format:

 local: /www/CPAN
 repository: /work/mymodules
 passive: yes
 dirmode: 0755

Description of options:

mcpani will search the following four places in order:


Shawn Sorichetti <>

Copyright & License ^

Copyright 2004 Shawn Sorichetti, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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