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Ashe Connor > Erlang-Parser-0.5.1


This Release Erlang-Parser-0.5.1  [Download] [Browse 16 May 2012
Latest Release Erlang-Parser-0.6  [Download] [Browse 20 Jun 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Erlang::Parser Erlang source code parser     0.5.1
Erlang::Parser::Node performed by all AST nodes      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Alt an alternative in a case or try      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Atom a plain atom      
Erlang::Parser::Node::BaseInteger a number with base      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Begin a block of statements      
Erlang::Parser::Node::BinOp a binary operation      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Binary a binary string or list      
Erlang::Parser::Node::BinaryExpr a term within a binary term      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Call a function call      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Case a case expression      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Comprehension a list or binary comprehension      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Def a match in a function definition      
Erlang::Parser::Node::DefList a list of definitions for one function      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Directive a compiler directive      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Float a floating point integer      
Erlang::Parser::Node::FunLocal a lambda-style local fun      
Erlang::Parser::Node::FunLocalCase one case in a local fun      
Erlang::Parser::Node::FunRef a reference to a function      
Erlang::Parser::Node::If an 'if' statement      
Erlang::Parser::Node::IfExpr a case in an if statement      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Integer an integer      
Erlang::Parser::Node::List a list of values      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Literal a character literal      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Macro a preprocessor-style macro      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Receive a receive statement      
Erlang::Parser::Node::ReceiveAfter the after clause for a receive statement      
Erlang::Parser::Node::RecordNew creation of a new record      
Erlang::Parser::Node::String a string      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Try a try/catch clause      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Tuple a tuple of items      
Erlang::Parser::Node::UnOp a unary operation      
Erlang::Parser::Node::Variable a variable      
Erlang::Parser::Node::VariableRecordAccess variable record access      
Erlang::Parser::Node::VariableRecordUpdate variable record update      
Erlang::Parser::Node::WhenList a guard sequence