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WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks - Tracking Inbound Links in Yahoo Site Explorer API


        use WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks;
        my $ylinks = WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks->new ('YahooAppId');
        my %params = {
                omit_inlinks => 'domain',
        print $ylinks->get ('http://yahoo.com', %params), "\n";

        # or 


The WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks is a class implementing a interface for Tracking Inbound Links in Yahoo Site Explorer API.

More information here: http://developer.yahoo.com/search/siteexplorer/V1/inlinkData.html

To use it, you should create WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks object and use its method get(), to query inbound links for url.

It uses LWP::UserAgent for making request to Yahoo and JSON for parsing response.


my $ylinks = WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks->new ('YahooAppId');

This method constructs a new WWW::Yahoo::InboundLinks object and returns it. Required parameter — Yahoo Application Id (http://developer.yahoo.com/faq/index.html#appid)

my $ua = $ylinks->user_agent;

This method returns constructed LWP::UserAgent object. You can configure object before making requests.

my $count = $ylinks->get ('http://yahoo.com', %params);

Queries Yahoo about inbound links for a specified url. Parameters similar to params on this http://developer.yahoo.com/search/siteexplorer/V1/inlinkData.html page. If Yahoo returns error, then returned value is undef.

In list context this function returns list from three elements where first one is a result as in scalar context, the second one is a HTTP::Response from LWP::UserAgent and third one is a perl hash with response data from Yahoo. This can be usefull for debugging purposes, for querying failure details and for detailed info from yahoo.


If you find any, please report ;)


Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>.


Copyright 2008, Ivan Baktsheev

You may use, modify, and distribute this package under the same terms as Perl itself.

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