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Distribution Released
CPAN-WWW-Top100-Retrieve-1.001 Retrieves the CPAN Top100 data from [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ApocalypseTests-1.002 Creates the Test::Apocalypse testfile for Dist::Zilla [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Authority-1.009 Add the $AUTHORITY variable and metadata to your distribution [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Bitbucket-0.001 Plugins to integrate Dist::Zilla with Bitbucket [Download] [Browse] 03 Nov 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-DualBuilders-1.002 (DEPRECATED) Allows use of Module::Build and ExtUtils::MakeMaker in a dzil dist [Download] [Browse] 28 Oct 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MinimumPerl-1.006 Detects the minimum version of Perl required for your dist [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2014
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Apocalyptic-0.005 Let the apocalypse build your dist! [Download] [Browse] 28 Oct 2014
Filesys-Virtual-Async-Dispatcher-0.02 Multiple filesystems mounted on a single filesystem [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2010
Filesys-Virtual-Async-inMemory-0.02 Mount filesystems that reside in memory ( sort of ramfs ) [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2010
Games-AssaultCube-0.04 The AssaultCube perl libraries [Download] [Browse] 10 Dec 2009
Pod-Spell-CommonMistakes-1.002 Catches common typos in POD [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2014
Pod-Spelling-CommonMistakes-2.001 Adaptor for Pod::Spelling to use CommonMistakes as a checker [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2014
Pod-Weaver-PluginBundle-Apocalyptic-0.004 Let the apocalypse generate your POD! [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2014
Pod-Weaver-Section-SeeAlso-1.003 add a SEE ALSO pod section [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2014
Pod-Weaver-Section-Support-1.007 Add a SUPPORT section to your POD [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2014
POE-Component-Client-SimpleFTP-0.004 A simple FTP client library for POE [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2014
POE-Component-Fuse-0.05 Using FUSE in POE asynchronously [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2009
POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Karma-0.003 A POE::Component::IRC plugin that keeps track of karma [Download] [Browse] 15 Apr 2011
POE-Component-Lightspeed-0.05 The romping grounds of IKC2 [Download] [Browse] 19 May 2005
POE-Component-Server-SimpleHTTP-1.13 Perl extension to serve HTTP requests in POE. [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2006
POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.14 publish POE event handlers via SOAP over HTTP [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2009
POE-Component-SimpleDBI-1.31 Asynchronous non-blocking DBI calls in POE made simple [Download] [Browse] 05 Nov 2014
POE-Component-SimpleLog-1.05 Perl extension to manage a simple logging system for POE. [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2008
POE-Component-SmokeBox-Uploads-Rsync-1.001 Obtain uploaded CPAN modules via rsync [Download] [Browse] 03 Nov 2014
POE-Component-SpreadClient-1.003 Handle Spread communications in POE [Download] [Browse] 10 Nov 2014
POE-Component-SSLify-1.012 Makes using SSL in the world of POE easy! [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2014
POE-Devel-Benchmarker-0.05 Benchmarking POE's performance ( acts more like a smoker ) [Download] [Browse] 27 Jan 2009
POE-Devel-ProcAlike-0.02 Exposing the guts of POE via FUSE [Download] [Browse] 09 Feb 2009
POE-Devel-Profiler-0.02 profiles POE programs [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2004
POE-Loop-Glib-0.038 A bridge that supports Glib's event loop from POE [Download] [Browse] 03 Apr 2010
Task-POE-All-1.102 All of POE on CPAN [Download] [Browse] 09 Nov 2014
Test-Apocalypse-1.006 Apocalypse's favorite tests bundled into a simple interface [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2014
Test-Pod-LinkCheck-0.008 Tests POD for invalid links [Download] [Browse] 01 Nov 2014
Test-Pod-No404s-0.02 Using this test module will check your POD for any http 404 links [Download] [Browse] 01 Nov 2014
Test-Pod-Spelling-CommonMistakes-1.001 Checks POD for common spelling mistakes [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2014
Test-Reporter-POEGateway-0.04 A Test::Reporter::HTTPGateway using the power of POE [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2010