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Justin Hunter > Class-Workflow-0.11_01


This Release Class-Workflow-0.11_01  [Download] [Browse 17 Feb 2012 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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Class::Workflow Light weight workflow system.   UNAUTHORIZED 0.11_01
Class::Workflow::Context The context in which a transition is being applied (optional).   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Instance An instance in a workflow, with state and history.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Instance::Simple A Workflow instance objects to work with the other ::Simple classes.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State An instance's position in the workflow.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State::AcceptHooks Add hooks that are fired when the state accepts an instance.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State::AutoApply Automatically apply a transition upon arriving into a state.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State::Simple A useful class (or base class) for writing states.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State::TransitionHash Implement transition metadata with a hash.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::State::TransitionSet A state that implements transition meta data using Set::Object.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition A function over an instance.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition::Deterministic A transition which knows which state it leads to.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition::Simple A useful class (or base class) for writing transitions.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition::Strict Verify that the transition is in the instance's current state before applying.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition::Validate Provide a hook for validating a transition (conditionals, input validators, etc).   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Transition::Validate::Simple Easier validation code.   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::Util::Delta calculate deltas between workflow instances   UNAUTHORIZED  
Class::Workflow::YAML Load workflow definitions from YAML files.   UNAUTHORIZED  


Class::Workflow::Cookbook Common recipes with Class::Workflow.