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Andrew Jones > App-MP4Meta-1.130100


This Release App-MP4Meta-1.130100  [Download] [Browse 10 Jan 2013
Latest Release App-MP4Meta-1.153340  [Download] [Browse 30 Nov 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
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App::MP4Meta Apply iTunes-like metadata to an mp4 file.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Base Base class. Contains common functionality.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Command::film Apply metadata to a film. Parses the filename in order to get the films title and (optionally) year.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Command::musicvideo Apply metadata to a music video. Parses the filename in order to get its artist and title.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Command::tv Apply metadata to a TV Series. Parses the filename in order to get the shows title and its season and episode number.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Film Add metadata to a film     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::MusicVideo Add metadata to a music video     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::Base Base class for sources     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::Data::Base Base class for metadata.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::Data::Film Contains data for a film.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::Data::TVEpisode Contains data for a TV Episode.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::IMDB Fetches film data from the IMDB.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::Source::TVDB Searches for TV data.     1.130100
App::MP4Meta::TV Add metadata to a TV Series     1.130100


mp4meta Apply iTunes-like meta data to an mp4 file.