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Andrew Rodland > TAP-Spec-Parser-0.07_991-TRIAL


This Release TAP-Spec-Parser-0.07_991-TRIAL  [Download] [Browse 12 Nov 2012 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Release TAP-Spec-Parser-0.10  [Download] [Browse 13 Nov 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


TAP::Spec::BailOut A TAP Bail Out! line     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Body The main body of a TAP testset     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Comment A comment in a TAP stream     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Footer Trailing information in a TAP stream     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Header Information at the beginning of a TAP stream     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::JunkLine A line of non-TAP data in a TAP stream     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Parser Reference implementation of the TAP specification     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Plan A TAP test plan     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Plan::Simple A basic TAP plan with a number of tests     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Plan::SkipAll A TAP plan indicating that all tests were skipped     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Plan::Todo A legacy TAP plan indicating TODO tests     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::TestResult The results of a single test     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::TestSet A set of related TAP tests     0.07_991
TAP::Spec::Version A TAP version number specification     0.07_991