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Aaron Straup Cope > Net-Blogger-1.0


This Release Net-Blogger-1.0  [Download] [Browse 02 Dec 2005
Latest Release Net-Blogger-1.02  [Download] [Browse 26 Sep 2006
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Special Files


Net::Blogger an OOP-ish interface for accessing a weblog via the Blogger XML-RPC API.    1.0
Net::Blogger::API::Core Blogger API methods    1.0
Net::Blogger::API::Extended provides helper methods not defined in the Blogger API.    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Base base class for Blogger API engines    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Blogger Pyra Blogger API engine    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Manila     1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Movabletype Movabletype Blogger API engine    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Movabletype::mt Adds support for the MovableType XML-RPC API    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Radio UserLand Radio Blogger API engine    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Slash Adds support for the Slashcode SOAP API.    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Slash::slashcode Adds support for the Slashcode SOAP API.    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland base class for UserLand Blogger API engines    1.0
Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland::metaWeblog UserLand metaWeblog API engine    1.0


Net::Blogger::Manila UserLand Manila Blogger API engine