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Andrew Speer > WebDyne-Install-Lighttpd-1.009 > bin/wdlighttpdinit


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wdlighttpdinit [options]



brief help message


do not print any messages during install


remove Webdyne config files and any Lighttpd config file changes


user name used by the Lighttpd process


group name used by the Lighttpd process


directory where Lighttpd config file(s) are located


directory where you would like the WebDyne cache located (will be created)

The installer will attempt to guess the values of each option above using common defaults. If it cannot determine the location of a file or directory it needs you must supply it as a command line or environment variable option.


wdlighttpdinit --lighttpd_conf=/etc/lighttpd --webdyne_cache=/var/cache_webdyne

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