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App::Difio::dotCloud - Difio registration agent for dotCloud / Perl applications


To register your dotCloud Perl application to Difio do the following:

1) Create a Perl application on dotCloud

2) Configure your Difio userID. You can get it from

    dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_USER_ID=UserID

3) Generate a unique identifier for this application and save the value as environmental variable.

    dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_UUID=`uuidgen`

4) Add a dependency in your Makefile.PL file

    PREREQ_PM => {
        'App::Difio::dotCloud' => 0,

5) Enable the registration script in your postinstall hook. **Note:** If you are using an "approot" your `postinstall` script should be in the directory pointed by the "approot" directive of your `dotcloud.yml`. For more information about `postinstall` turn to

If a file named `postinstall` doesn't already exist, create it and add the following:


6) Make `postinstall` executable

        chmod a+x postinstall

7) Then push your application to dotCloud

    dotcloud push <app name>

8) If everything goes well you should see something like:

        19:55:10 [www.0] Running postinstall script...
        19:55:13 [www.0] Difio: Success, registered/updated application with uid ac5a3741-a564-4e59-aad2-3f51ea860521

That's it, you can now check your application statistics at


This module compiles a list of locally installed Perl distributions and sends it to where you check your application statistic and available updates.


Alexander Todorov, <atodorov()>


 Copyright (c) 2012, Alexander Todorov <atodorov()>

 This module is free software and is published under the same terms as Perl itself.
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