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Guillaume Aubert > App-GitHooks-v1.9.0


This Release App-GitHooks-v1.9.0  [Download] [Browse 19 Mar 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::GitHooks Extensible plugins system for git hooks.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::CommitMessage A git commit message.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Config Configuration manager for App::GitHooks.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Constants Constants used by various modules in the App::GitHooks namespace.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook Base class for all git hook handlers.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::ApplypatchMsg Handle the applypatch-msg hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::CommitMsg Handle the commit-msg hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostApplypatch Handle the post-applypatch hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostCheckout Handle the post-checkout hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostCommit Handle the post-commit hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostMerge Handle the post-merge hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostReceive Handle the post-receive hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostRewrite Handle the post-rewrite hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PostUpdate Handle the post-update hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PreApplypatch Handle the pre-applypatch hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PreAutoGc Handle the pre-auto-gc hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PreCommit Handler for pre-commit hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PrePush Handle the pre-push hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PreRebase Handle the pre-rebase hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PreReceive Handle the pre-receive hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::PrepareCommitMsg Handler for commit-msg hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Hook::Update Handle the update hook.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Plugin Base class for plugins.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Plugin::Test::CustomReply A test plugin that allows specifying the return code.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Plugin::Test::PrintSTDERR A test plugin that allows printing a specific string to STDERR.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::StagedChanges Staged changes in git.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Terminal Information about the current terminal in which App::GitHook is running.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Test Shared test functions for App::GitHooks.     v1.9.0
App::GitHooks::Utils Support functions for App::GitHooks and its plugins.     v1.9.0


applypatch-msg Call App::GitHooks for the applypatch-msg hook.  
commit-msg Call App::GitHooks for the commit-msg hook.  
githooks Setup utility for App::GitHooks  
post-applypatch Call App::GitHooks for the post-applypatch hook.  
post-checkout Call App::GitHooks for the post-checkout hook.  
post-commit Call App::GitHooks for the post-commit hook.  
post-merge Call App::GitHooks for the post-merge hook.  
post-receive Call App::GitHooks for the post-receive hook.  
post-rewrite Call App::GitHooks for the post-rewrite hook.  
post-update Call App::GitHooks for the post-update hook.  
pre-applypatch Call App::GitHooks for the pre-applypatch hook.  
pre-auto-gc Call App::GitHooks for the pre-auto-gc hook.  
pre-commit Call App::GitHooks for the pre-commit hook.  
pre-push Call App::GitHooks for the pre-push hook.  
pre-rebase Call App::GitHooks for the pre-rebase hook.  
pre-receive Call App::GitHooks for the pre-receive hook.  
prepare-commit-msg Call App::GitHooks for the prepare-commit-msg hook.  
update Call App::GitHooks for the update hook.  

Other Files