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App::authkeymgr - Interactively manage SSH authorized_keys files


  ## Manage authorized_keys interactively
  $ authkeymgr --help
  ## Build authorized_keys out of self-managed dirs
  $ authkeys-rebuild --help


authkeymgr provides useful tools for managing authorized_keys files.

With a long list of public keys, user management and revocation is significantly easier when dealing with discrete single pubkeys that live in a sensible directory structure.

The authkeymgr shell makes it easy to add "users" (sets of public keys), add keys to users from external files, revoke/restore specific keys, and rebuild authorized_keys after changes are made. (See the perldoc for authkeymgr or use the help command from the authkeymgr shell.)

For more flexibility, authkeys-rebuild can be used for building authorized_keys lists from self-managed directories.


Jon Portnoy <>

The original stand-alone authkeys-rebuild was the result of a bored Sunday and a discussion on #linode @ -- blame heckman.

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