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Al Newkirk > Bubblegum-0.45


This Release Bubblegum-0.45  [Download] [Browse 05 Oct 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bubblegum Opinionated Modern Perl Development Framework     0.45
Bubblegum::Class Object Orientation for Bubblegum via Moo     0.45
Bubblegum::Constraints Type and Constraints Library for Bubblegum     0.45
Bubblegum::Exception General Purpose Exception Class for Bubblegum     0.45
Bubblegum::Namespace     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Array Common Methods for Operating on Array References     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Code Common Methods for Operating on Code References     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Float     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Hash Common Methods for Operating on Hash References     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Instance Generic Container Class for Passing Data     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Integer Common Methods for Operating on Integers     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Number Common Methods for Operating on Numbers     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Coercive     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Collection     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Comparison     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Defined     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Indexed     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Item     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Keyed     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::List     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Output     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Ref     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Value     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Scalar Common Methods for Operating on Scalars     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::String Common Methods for Operating on Strings     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Undef Common Methods for Operating on Undefined Values     0.45
Bubblegum::Object::Universal Common Methods for Operating on Defined Values     0.45
Bubblegum::Prototype Prototype-based Programming for Bubblegum      
Bubblegum::Role Class Component System for Bubblegum via Moo::Role     0.45
Bubblegum::Role::Configuration     0.45
Bubblegum::Singleton Singleton Pattern for Bubblegum via Moo     0.45
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Digest Bubblegum Wrapper around Hashing Algorithms     0.45
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Dumper Bubblegum Wrapper around Data Dumping     0.45
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Encoder Bubblegum Wrapper around Content Encoding     0.45
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Json Bubblegum Wrapper around JSON Serialization     0.45
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Yaml Bubblegum Wrapper around YAML Serialization     0.45
gum Convenient Shoehorn for Bubblegum     0.45

Other Files