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This Release Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.14  [Download] [Browse 02 Feb 2014
Latest Release Labyrinth-Plugin-Core-5.16  [Download] [Browse 12 Jul 2014
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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles Plugin Articles handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Sections Sections handler plugin for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Site Site Pages handler plugin for Labyrinth      
Labyrinth::Plugin::Content General page content functionality.     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Core Core Plugin documentation for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Folders handler for Labyrinth folders     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Groups handler for Labyrinth groups     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Hits Handles the hit and update stats for page impressions     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Images Plugin Images handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Inbox Inbox plugin handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Menus Plugin Menus handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::News Plugin News handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Users Plugin Users handler for Labyrinth     5.14
Labyrinth::Plugin::Users::Info Additional Users Info handler for Labyrinth     5.14