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Gary Jackson > Devel-TypeCheck-1.2.2


This Release Devel-TypeCheck-1.2.2  [Download] [Browse 12 Apr 2006
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Special Files


Devel::TypeCheck Identify type-unsafe usage in Perl programs    1.2.2
Devel::TypeCheck::Environment class for managing the type environment in B::TypeCheck     
Devel::TypeCheck::Pad2type Symbol table for pads.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Sym2type abstract parent to symbol table types.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type base type for the type language representation of Devel::TypeCheck     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Chi Represents hashes.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Dv Terminal type representing double float numerical values.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Eta Glob type representation     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Io Terminal type representing an IO handle.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Iv Terminal type representing integers.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Kappa Type representing scalar values.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Mu Type representing all values.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Nu Type representing Number values.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Omicron Type representing arrays.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Pv Terminal type representing strings.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Rho Type representing references.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::TRef generic reference type     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::TSub Interface for types with subtypes.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::TTerm Generic terminal types.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::TVar Methods to inherit for types that allow type variables as subtypes.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Upsilon Type representing printable values.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Var Type variable.     
Devel::TypeCheck::Type::Zeta Code values (CVs)     
Devel::TypeCheck::Util Exports utility functions to other TypeCheck modules.