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Source   Latest Release: Yars-1.33


Yars::Routes -- set up the routes for Yars.



Get a welcome message.

GET /file/#filename/:md5, GET /:md5/#filename

Retrieve a file with the given name and md5.

PUT /file/#filename/#md5

PUT a file with the given name and md5.

DELETE /file/#filename/:md5, /file/:md5/#filename

Delete a file with the given name and md5.

GET /disk/usage

Get a summary of the disk usage.

Send the CGI parameters count=1 to also count the files.

POST /disk/status

Mark disks up or down. Send the disk root and state (up or down) as JSON encoded in the body.

POST /check/manifest

Given JSON with 'manifest' which is a return-delimited string of filenames and md5s (like the output of md5sum), check each file for existence on the server (or proxy to the right server)

GET /servers/status

Get the status of all the disks on all the servers/

GET /bucket_map

Get a mapping from buckets to hosts.

GET /bucket/usage

Find the disk usage per bucket.

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