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Distribution Released
Collectd-Plugins-RsyslogStats-1.001 collectd plugin for reading queue metrics from rsyslog/imstats logfile [Download] [Browse] 24 Nov 2014
Collectd-Plugins-WriteSyslogGraphite-1.002 collectd plugin for sending collectd metrics to syslog [Download] [Browse] 14 Sep 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-RPM-Push-0.010 Dist::Zilla plugin to build RPMs and push them into a repository [Download] [Browse] 18 Feb 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Subversion-Check-1.002 check SVN working copy before release [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2013
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Subversion-NextVersion-1.003 provide a version number by bumping the last SVN release tag [Download] [Browse] 23 Dec 2013
GPX-PlotElevation-1.01 create elevation graphs from GPX files [Download] [Browse] 28 Aug 2013
IPC-QWorker-0.07 processing a queue in parallel [Download] [Browse] 22 Aug 2013
LWP-Protocol-connect-6.09 Provides HTTP/CONNECT proxy support for LWP::UserAgent [Download] [Browse] 07 Jan 2014
Mail-MtPolicyd-1.15 a modular policy daemon for postfix [Download] [Browse] 07 Jan 2015
Math-BaseMulti-1.01 creating identifiers with a per digit base [Download] [Browse] 22 Aug 2013
SMS-SMS77-0.01 inferface for SMS Service [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2013
String-ShortenHostname-0.006 tries to shorten hostnames while keeping them meaningful [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2014
Test-BDD-Cucumber-Harness-Html-1.004 html output for Test::BDD::Cucumber [Download] [Browse] 17 Oct 2014
Test-Locale-PO-1.02 check PO files for empty/fuzzy translations [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2013