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This Release Log-Saftpresse-1.6  [Download] [Browse 26 Nov 2016
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
Special Files


Log::Saftpresse a modular logfile analyzer     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Analyzer class to analyze log messages     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::App commandline interface extension for Log::Saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Config configuration option parser for Log::Saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Constants class to hold the constants used in pflogsumm     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CounterOutputs class to manage saftpresse counter output     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Counters objects to hold and manipulate counters     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput base class for output of counters     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput::Dump plugin to dump counters to stdout     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput::Graphite plugin to write counters to carbon line reciever     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput::Html plugin to output counters in HTML report     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput::JSON plugin to dump counters in JSON format     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::CountersOutput::Pflogsumm plugin to output counters in pflogsumm style output     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input base class for a log input     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Command log input for slurping the output of a command     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Command::Child process control for child processes of Command input     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::FileTail log input for following a file     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Journald log input for systemd-journald     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Lumberjack lumberjack server input plugin for saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::RELP RELP server input plugin for saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::RELP::Frame class for parsing and generating RELP frames     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::RELP::RSP class for building RELP RSP records     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Redis log input for reading a redis queue     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Server udp/tcp network server input plugin for saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Input::Stdin log input for reading STDIN     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Log4perl logging for Log::Saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Notes object to hold informations across log events     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Output base class for outputs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Output::Elasticsearch plugin to write events to elasticsearch     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Output::Graphite plugin to write events to carbon line reciever     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Output::JSON plugin to dump events to in JSON to stdout     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Output::Redis plugin to write events to a redis server     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Outputs class to manage saftpresse outputs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin base class for saftpresse plugins     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Amavis plugin to parse amavisd-new logs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Apache plugin to parse apache logs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::GeoIP plugin to lookup geoip database     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::GraphitLineFormat read metric values from logs and export them as counters     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::LimitDay plugin to skip messages not from today or yesterday     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::LimitProgram plugin to limit messages by syslog program name     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::LinuxNetfilter plugin to parse network packets logged by linux/netfilter     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::MtPolicyd plugin to parse mtpolicyd logs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix plugin to parse analyse postfix logging     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Delivered plugin to gather postfix delivered messages statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Messages plugin to gather postfix warning|fatal|panic messages     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::QueueID plugin to parse the postfix queue ID     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Recieved plugin to gather postfix recieved messages statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Rejects plugin to gather postfix reject statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Service plugin to parse postfix service     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Smtp plugin to gather postfix smtp client statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Smtpd plugin to gather postfix/smtpd advanced statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Tls plugin to gather TLS statistics     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix::Utils class with collection of some utility functions     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::PostfixGeoStats plugin to build postfix statistics from geoip info     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Role::CounterUtils role for plugins to gather statistics/counters     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Role::Tracking role for plugins to implement transaction tracking     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Syslog syslog server input plugin for saftpresse     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::SyslogFile plugin to parse syslog logfile format     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::PluginContainer base class for classes holding plugins     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Slurp class to read log file inputs     1.6
Log::Saftpresse::Utils class with collection of some utility functions     1.6


saftpresse a modular and configurable logfile analyzer  
saftsumm a postfix logfile analyzer