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Markus Benning > Mail-MtPolicyd-2.03


This Release Mail-MtPolicyd-2.03  [Download] [Browse 08 Jun 2018
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
Special Files


Mail::MtPolicyd a modular policy daemon for postfix     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::AddressList a class for IP address lists     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Client a policyd client class     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Client::App application interface class for Mail::MtPolicyd::Client     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Client::Request a postfix policyd client request class     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Client::Response a postfix policyd client response class     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Connection base class for mtpolicyd connection modules     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Connection::Ldap a LDAP connection plugin for mtpolicyd     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Connection::Memcached a memcached connection plugin for mtpolicyd     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Connection::Redis a mtpolicy connection for redis databases     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Connection::Sql Connection pool sql connection object     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::ConnectionPool a singleton to hold all configure connections     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin a base class for plugins     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Accounting mtpolicyd plugin for accounting in sql tables     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Action mtpolicyd plugin which just returns an action     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::AddScoreHeader mtpolicyd plugin for adding the score as header to the mail     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::ClearFields mtpolicyd plugin to unset session variables     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Condition mtpolicyd plugin for conditions based on session values     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::CtIpRep mtpolicyd plugin for the Commtouch IP reputation service (ctipd)     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::DBL mtpolicyd plugin for checking helo,sender domain,rdns against an DBL     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Eval mtpolicyd plugin to capture the output of plugins     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Fail2Ban mtpolicyd plugin to block an address with fail2ban     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::GeoIPAction mtpolicyd plugin for checking geo information of an ip     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::GeoIPLookup mtpolicyd plugin for checking geo information of an client_address     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist This plugin implements a greylisting mechanism with an auto whitelist.     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::AWL::Base base class for grelisting AWL storage backends     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::AWL::Redis backend for redis greylisting awl storage     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::AWL::Sql backend for SQL greylisting awl storage     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::Ticket::Base base class for greylisting ticket storage backends     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::Ticket::Memcached greylisting ticket storage backend for memcached     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Greylist::Ticket::Redis greylisting ticket storage backend for redis     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Honeypot mtpolicyd plugin for creating an honeypot     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::LdapUserConfig mtpolicyd plugin for retrieving per user configuration from LDAP     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::PostfixMap mtpolicyd plugin for accessing a postfix access map     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Proxy mtpolicyd plugin to forward request to another policy daemon     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Quota mtpolicyd plugin for accounting in sql tables     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::RBL mtpolicyd plugin for checking the client-address against an RBL     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::RBLAction mtpolicyd plugin for checking the client-address against an RBL     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::RegexList mtpolicyd plugin for regex matching     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Result result returned by a plugin     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Role::ConfigurableFields role for plugins using configurable fields     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Role::PluginChain role for plugins to support a nested plugin chain     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Role::Scoring role for plugins using scoring     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Role::SqlUtils role with support function for plugins using sql     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Role::UserConfig role for plugins using per user/request configuration     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SMTPVerify mtpolicyd plugin for remote SMTP address checks     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SPF mtpolicyd plugin to apply SPF checks     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SaAwlAction mtpolicyd plugin for checking spamassassin AWL reputation     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SaAwlLookup mtpolicyd plugin for querying a spamassassin AWL database for reputation     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::ScoreAction mtpolicyd plugin for running an action based on the score     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SetField mtpolicyd plugin which just sets and key=value in the session     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SqlList mtpolicyd plugin for accessing a SQL white/black/access list     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::SqlUserConfig mtpolicyd plugin for retrieving the user config of a user     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Plugin::Stress mtpolicyd plugin for postfix stress mode     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::PluginChain class for a VirtualHost instance     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Profiler a application level profiler for mtpolicyd     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Profiler::Timer a profiler for the mtpolicyd     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Request the request object     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Result class to hold the results of a request returned by plugins     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::Role::Connection role to consume connections from connection pool     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::SessionCache class for handling session cache     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::SessionCache::Base base class for session cache adapters     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::SessionCache::Memcached session cache adapter for memcached     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::SessionCache::None dummy session caching adapter     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::SessionCache::Redis a session cache adapter for redis     2.03
Mail::MtPolicyd::VirtualHost class for a VirtualHost instance     2.03


Mail::MtPolicyd::Cookbook How to cook with mtpolicyd  
Mail::MtPolicyd::Cookbook::BasicModule how to write your own mtpolicyd plugin  
Mail::MtPolicyd::Cookbook::ExtendedModule how to archieve certain tasks within a plugin  
Mail::MtPolicyd::Cookbook::HowtoAccountingQuota How to setup smtp level accounting and quotas  
Mail::MtPolicyd::Cookbook::Installation How to install mtpolicyd  
mtpolicyd the mtpolicyd executable  
policyd-client commandline client to query a policyd server