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Module Version: 0.02   Source   Latest Release: Test-Whitespaces-1.2.1


Test::Whitespaces - test source code for errors in whitespaces


Version 0.02


In xt/whitespaces.t:

    use Test::Whitespaces;

Running this test will check all files with the source code in the directories bin, lib, t and xt for errors in whitespaces. It will pretty print all the errors, so it is easy to fix them (by the way, this module ships with a script `whiter` that can automaticly fix all the errors).

You can also customize the test. All parameters are optional.

    use Test::Whitespaces {
        dirs => [ 'script', 'lib' ], # Directories to check all the files from
        files => [ 'README' ],       # Additional files to check
        ignore => [ qr{\.bak$} ],    # Array with regexpex. Files that matches
                                     # that regexp are not checked


This module is intend to solve one simple task: to make sure that your source code don't have problems with whitespaces.

This module checks that all the rules are followed.

This module don't export any subroutines, you only need to write a test file and write there:

    use Test::Whitespaces;

More complex usage can be found in SYNOPSIS section.

This module does not check the files that are stored in the version control system directories (you remember, that .git, .svn and friends).

This module is shiped with 2 scripts. `test_whitespaces` to easy check files and directories and `whiter` to fix all that errors.

And by the way, this module don't have any dependencies, but Perl. It does not matter much, but it is nice =)


Q: Why not to use perltidy instead of this module?

A: Perltidy is a great thing. It fixes some whitespaces problems in the Perl source code. But sometimes you don't need the whole perltidy possibilities, but only want to make your whitespaces accurate. Adding Test::Whitespaces to the project affects less than adding perltidy. And with Test::Whitespaces you can test and fix not only the Perl source code, but any texts. For example, you can make sure that you javasript code has no problems with whitespaces or you can fix your texts files.


If this module is not what you need, you may try to look to these modules (but I hope you will prefer to use Test::Whitespaces):


Ivan Bessarabov, <>


The source code for this module and scripts is hosted on GitHub


Please report any bugs or feature requests in GitHub Issues


Copyright 2013 Ivan Bessarabov.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.

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