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Module Version: 1.02   Source  

CLASS Title: Desc: Abstract class for all id factories. Derived classes should call constructor with an argument for the file. Derived class may (and should) use $ENV{'FACTORY_HOME'}, which is set to a default value here. Author: B. Holzman ^

CONSTRUCTOR Title: Id_Factory::new Desc: Constructor Error: YES

DESTRUCTOR Title: Id_factory::DESTROY Desc: Destructor Error: NO

METHOD Title: Id_factory::next Desc: Locks factory file, reads in current id, increments, writes it back out, and unlocks. Error: YES

METHOD Title: Id_factory::set Desc: Sets the current value in the ID file to the given arg. Primarily a maintenance tool. Error: YES

METHOD Title: Id_factory::_lock Desc: Carefully locks filehandle; will use $this->{'fh'} by default, or Arg1. For message logging, uses $this->{'file'} as filename, or Arg2. Error: YES

METHOD Title: Id_factory::_unlock Desc: Unlocks filehandle. Filehandle is $this->{'fh'} or Arg1. Filename is $this->{'file'} or Arg2. Error: NO

METHOD Title: Id_factory::_id_increment Desc: Default ID incrementing method. (numeric) Error: NO

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