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David Precious
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Distribution Released
Bot-BasicBot-0.93 simple irc bot baseclass [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2018
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-1.20 extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules [Download] [Browse] 06 Apr 2017
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-Abuse-YourMomma-0.02 maturity is overrrated; [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2011
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-CPANLinks-0.02 provide links to CPAN module docs [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2013
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-GitHub-0.04 GitHub-related modules for IRC bots running Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2011
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-Nagios-0.06 report Nagios alerts to IRC [Download] [Browse] 19 Jan 2018
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-StripFormatting-0.01 Strip IRC formatting codes from incoming messages! [Download] [Browse] 01 Mar 2017
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-TwitterFriendsStatus-0.2 Echo Twitter comments [Download] [Browse] 12 Jun 2009
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-TwitterWatch-0.02 report new tweets matching given search patterns [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2011
Business-Tax-VAT-Validation-1.11 Validate EU VAT numbers against VIES [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2017
CGI-FormBuilder-3.10 Easily generate and process stateful forms [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2016
Color-Spectrum-Multi-0.02 simple Color::Spectrum wrapper to handle fading between multiple colours. [Download] [Browse] 17 Sep 2009
Convert-CookingTimes-0.03 work out cooking times adjusted for temperature [Download] [Browse] 02 Aug 2017
Dancer-1.3400 lightweight yet powerful web application framework [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2018
Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Extensible-1.00 extensible authentication framework for Dancer apps [Download] [Browse] 01 Sep 2016
Dancer-Plugin-Database-2.13 easy database connections for Dancer applications [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2016
Dancer-Plugin-Database-Core-0.20 Shared core for D1 and D2 Database plugins [Download] [Browse] 01 Sep 2016
Dancer-Plugin-DebugDump-0.03 dump objects to debug log with Data::Dump [DEPRECATED] [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2011
Dancer-Plugin-EscapeHTML-0.22 Escape HTML entities to avoid XSS vulnerabilities [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2012
Dancer-Plugin-MPD-0.03 easy connection to MPD from Dancer apps [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2012
Dancer-Plugin-NYTProf-0.50 easy Devel::NYTProf profiling for Dancer apps [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2014
Dancer-Plugin-SimpleCRUD-1.15 very simple CRUD (create/read/update/delete) [Download] [Browse] 06 May 2018
Dancer-Plugin-SMS-0.02 Easy SMS text message sending from Dancer apps [Download] [Browse] 29 Oct 2014
Dancer-Plugin-TimeRequests-0.06 log how long requests take and which routes are slow [Download] [Browse] 09 Dec 2012
Dancer-Session-Storable-0.06 Storable-file-based session backend for Dancer [Download] [Browse] 26 Nov 2012
Dancer-Template-HtmlTemplate-0.07 HTML::Template wrapper for Dancer [Download] [Browse] 23 Nov 2012
Dancer2-Plugin-Database-2.17 easy database connections for Dancer2 applications [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2016
Data-Censor-0.02 censor sensitive stuff in a data structure [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2014
Finance-PremiumBonds-0.07 Perl extension to check Premium Bond holder's numbers [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2016
HTML-Table-FromDatabase-1.11 a subclass of HTML::Table to easily generate a HTML table from the result of a database query [Download] [Browse] 14 Jun 2016
Lyrics-Fetcher-0.5.2 Perl extension to manage fetchers of song lyrics. [Download] [Browse] 21 Dec 2010
Lyrics-Fetcher-AstraWeb-0.33 Get song lyrics from [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2008
Lyrics-Fetcher-AZLyrics-0.05 Get song lyrics from [Download] [Browse] 15 Apr 2010
Lyrics-Fetcher-LyricWiki-0.10 Get song lyrics from [Download] [Browse] 17 Jan 2011
MP3-CreateInlayCard-0.06 create a CD inlay label for a directory of MP3 files [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2009
Nagios-Scrape-0.04 Scrapes and Parses the status.cgi page of a Nagios installation [Download] [Browse] 12 Jan 2018
Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.009 programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2017
Net-Joker-DMAPI-0.09 interface to Joker's Domain Management API [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2017
Net-Shoutcast-Admin-0.02 administration of Shoutcast servers [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2008
Pod-Readme-0.11 Convert POD to README file [Download] [Browse] 09 Dec 2010
SMS-AQL-1.02 Perl extension to send SMS text messages via AQL's SMS service [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2015
SMS-Send-AQL-0.04 SMS::Send driver to send messages via AQL ( [Download] [Browse] 11 Feb 2011
WebService-Bluga-Webthumb-0.05 fetch website thumbnails via [Download] [Browse] 11 Jan 2013
WebService-MCBouncer-0.03 Query MCBouncer API for Minecraft bans [Download] [Browse] 15 Apr 2015
WebService-Minecraft-Fishbans-0.02 look for bans for a Minecraft user [Download] [Browse] 10 Aug 2016
WebService-Mojang-Minecraft-UUIDLookup-0.05 look up Minecraft usernames/UUIDs [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2017
WWW-Comic-Plugin-CyanideAndHappiness-0.01 WWW::Comic plugin to fetch C+H [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2008
WWW-Comic-Plugin-f8d-0.02 WWW::Comic plugin to fetch f8d comic [Download] [Browse] 17 Sep 2009
WWW-Comic-Plugin-LeastICouldDo-0.01 WWW::Comic plugin to fetch LeastICouldDo comic [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2008
WWW-Comic-Plugin-Wulffmorgenthaler-0.01 WWW::Comic plugin to fetch daily Wulffmorgenthaler comic [Download] [Browse] 25 Aug 2008
WWW-Comic-Plugin-XKCD-0.02 WWW::Comic plugin to fetch XKCD comic [Download] [Browse] 24 Sep 2008