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Module::Loaded - mark modules as loaded or unloaded


    use Module::Loaded;

    $bool = mark_as_loaded('Foo');   # is now marked as loaded
    $loc  = is_loaded('Foo');        # location of set to the
                                     # loaders location
    eval "require 'Foo'";            # is now a no-op

    $bool = mark_as_unloaded('Foo'); # no longer marked as loaded
    eval "require 'Foo'";            # Will try to find in @INC


When testing applications, often you find yourself needing to provide functionality in your test environment that would usually be provided by external modules. Rather than munging the %INC by hand to mark these external modules as loaded, so they are not attempted to be loaded by perl, this module offers you a very simple way to mark modules as loaded and/or unloaded.


$bool = mark_as_loaded( PACKAGE );

Marks the package as loaded to perl. PACKAGE can be a bareword or string.

If the module is already loaded, mark_as_loaded will carp about this and tell you from where the PACKAGE has been loaded already.

$bool = mark_as_unloaded( PACKAGE );

Marks the package as unloaded to perl, which is the exact opposite of mark_as_loaded. PACKAGE can be a bareword or string.

If the module is already unloaded, mark_as_unloaded will carp about this and tell you the PACKAGE has been unloaded already.

$loc = is_loaded( PACKAGE );

is_loaded tells you if PACKAGE has been marked as loaded yet. PACKAGE can be a bareword or string.

It returns falls if PACKAGE has not been loaded yet and the location from where it is said to be loaded on success.


Please report bugs or other issues to <<gt>.


This module by Jos Boumans <>.


This library is free software; you may redistribute and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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