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Distribution Released
Acme-IEnumerable-0.6 Proof-of-concept lazy lists, iterators, generators [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2013
Acme-Partitioner-0.01 Iterated partition refinement. [Download] [Browse] 23 Dec 2014
AI-CRM114-0.01 Wrapper for the statistical data classifier CRM114 [Download] [Browse] 03 Dec 2009
Algorithm-ConstructDFA-0.03 Deterministic finite automaton construction [Download] [Browse] 12 Feb 2014
Algorithm-ConstructDFA-XS-0.23 C++ version of Algorithm::ConstructDFA [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2014
Algorithm-ConstructDFA2-0.06 Deterministic finite automaton construction [Download] [Browse] 04 Mar 2018
Algorithm-LineSegments-0.04 Piecewise linear function approximation [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2014
Compress-Deflate7-1.0 Perl interface to 7-Zip's deflate compressor [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2011
CSS-SAC-0.08 SAC CSS parser [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2008
Data-AutoBimap-0.03 Bidirectional map for enumerated strings [Download] [Browse] 12 Feb 2014
Geo-MedianCenter-XS-0.01 Find the median center of locations on earth [Download] [Browse] 19 Jun 2010
Grammar-Formal-0.20 Object model to represent formal BNF-like grammars [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2017
Grammar-Graph-0.20 Graph representation of formal grammars [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2017
Grammar-Graph-Simplify-0.02 Simplify Grammar::Graph objects [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2014
Graph-Feather-0.09 Like Graph::Directed basics, but with SQLite backend [Download] [Browse] 15 Apr 2018
Graph-NewmanGirvan-0.3 Newman-Girvan Graph node clustering [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2011
Graph-RandomPath-0.01 Find a random path between two graph vertices [Download] [Browse] 16 Jan 2014
Graph-SomeUtils-0.20 Some utility functions for Graph objects [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2017
HTML-Doctype-0.02 HTML/XHTML/XML Doctype Operations [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2008
HTML-Encoding-0.61 Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents [Download] [Browse] 23 Sep 2010
Image-PNG-Rewriter-0.9 Rewrite and Refilter PNG images [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2011
List-EachCons-0.01 Apply code to each array element and a block of successors [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2014
List-OrderBy-0.2 Multi-key sorting using order_by and then_by [Download] [Browse] 17 Jan 2013
List-StackBy-0.01 Group runs of similar elements [Download] [Browse] 23 Jan 2018
Math-CMA-0.1 Central Moving Average noise removal [Download] [Browse] 29 Mar 2012
Parse-ABNF-0.30 Parse IETF Augmented BNF (ABNF) grammars. [Download] [Browse] 20 Feb 2018
Set-IntSpan-Partition-0.06 Partition int sets using Set::IntSpan objects [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2018
SGML-Parser-OpenSP-0.994 Parse SGML documents using OpenSP [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2008
Unicode-SetAutomaton-0.01 UTF-8 based DFAs and Regexps from Unicode sets [Download] [Browse] 26 Mar 2009
URI-geo-1.00 URI that contains a geographic location [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2010
WebService-Validator-CSS-W3C-0.3 Interface to the W3C CSS Validator [Download] [Browse] 05 May 2013
Win32-MultiLanguage-0.73 Interface to IMultiLanguage I18N routines [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2014
XML-SAX-Expat-0.51 SAX Driver for Expat [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2014