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Module Version: 0.91   Source  


  Apache::HTMLView -  Handling compiled HTMLView-fmt's as a mod_perl module in Apache


        $Revision: 0.91 $


In httpd.conf:

 # HTMLView
 PerlSetVar name_fmtpath /var/www/fmt
 PerlSetVar name_DBIstr "DBI:mysql:dbname"
 PerlSetVar name_DBI_User "user"
 PerlSetVar name_DBI_Password "Password"

 # Load this after the vars are set
 PerlModule Apache::HTMLView

 <Location /fmt>
 PerlSetVar Name name
 SetHandler perl-script  
 PerlHandler Apache::HTMLView


This module loads compiled fmt's from the dir name_fmtpath and runs as a mod_perl module. It also loads all actions in that dir. It is possible to have many diffrent dirs with fmt's, just have diffrent names for them: name1_fmtpath, name2_fmtpath...

This module uses Apache::DBI to cache database connections and evals fmt's and actions at startup. All to inprove speed.

For information about actions and fmt's, see DBIx::HTMLView.

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