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This Release App-ElasticSearch-Utilities-5.3  [Download] [Browse 22 Mar 2017
Latest Release App-ElasticSearch-Utilities-5.5  [Download] [Browse 16 Mar 2018
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
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App::ElasticSearch::Utilities Utilities for Monitoring ElasticSearch     5.3
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::Connection Abstract the connection element     5.3
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::HTTPRequest Allow for strange content elements for Elasticsearch APIs     5.3
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::Query Object representing ES Queries      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString CLI query string fixer      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString::BareWords Mostly fixing case and tracking dangling words      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString::FileExpansion Build a terms query from unique values in a column of a file      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString::IP Expand IP CIDR Notation to ES ranges      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString::Plugin Moo::Role for implementing QueryString Plugins      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::QueryString::Underscored Extend some _<type>_ queries      
App::ElasticSearch::Utilities::VersionHacks Fix version issues to support all the things     5.3

Documentation Allow easy alias management for daily indexes Run to apply a JSON list of settings to indexes matching a pattern Copy an index from one cluster to another Run to prune old indexes and optimize existing Dynamically gather metrics and send to graphite Gather performance metrics from an ES node and send them to Graphite ElasticSearch Nagios Checks Listing the nodes in a cluster with some details Open any closed indices matching your paramters. Provides a CLI for quick searches of data in ElasticSearch daily indexes Simple ElaticSearch Status Checks Index pattern-aware elasticsearch storage statistics  

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