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Brad Lhotsky > Git-Code-Review-2.6


This Release Git-Code-Review-2.6  [Download] [Browse 25 Oct 2016
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
Special Files


Git::Code::Review Tools for performing code review using Git as the backend     2.6
Git::Code::Review::Command::comment Comment on a commit in the audit.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::config Manage global settings and templates for the code selection      
Git::Code::Review::Command::diff Diff the files matched by old and new selection criteria.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::fixed Mark a commit previously concerned as approved. Also available as fixed.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::info Show selection criteria and configuration details for the profile/audit.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::init Initialize a git-code-review audit repository.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::list List commits available in the audit.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::mailhandler Manage replies to the code review mailbox.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::move Move a commit from one profile to another. Also available as mv.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::overdue Report overdue commits.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::pick Allows reviewers to select a commit for auditing. Also available as pick.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::profile Manage profiles for the code selection      
Git::Code::Review::Command::report Generate an audit report and optionally update Jira tickets.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::select Select commits for review as per the configured selection criterion.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::show Show the audit history for a commit.      
Git::Code::Review::Command::tutorial Show the Git::Code::Review::Tutorial      
Git::Code::Review::Helpers     0.01
Git::Code::Review::Notify Notification framework      
Git::Code::Review::Notify::Email Notification by email      
Git::Code::Review::Notify::JIRA Notification to JIRA      
Git::Code::Review::Notify::STDOUT Notification plugin that outputs the message to STDOUT      
Git::Code::Review::Tutorial How to work Git::Code::Review      
Git::Code::Review::Utilities Tools for performing code review using Git as the backend     2.6
Git::Code::Review::Utilities::Date Date calculation and manipulations     0.01


git-code-review Dispatches commands to the appropriate places  

Other Files