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This Release eris-0.006  [Download] [Browse 03 Dec 2017
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
Special Files


eris Eris is the Greek Goddess of Chaos     0.006
eris::dictionary Field dictionary loader     0.006
eris::dictionary::cee Contains fields in the Common Event Expression syntax     0.006
eris::dictionary::eris Contains fields eris adds to events     0.006
eris::dictionary::eris::debug Debugging data in the event     0.006
eris::dictionary::syslog Contains fields extracted from syslog messages     0.006
eris::log Structured log or event object implementation     0.006
eris::log::context::GeoIP Apply MaxMind GeoIPv2 Data to events     0.006
eris::log::context::attacks::url Inspects URL's for common attack patterns     0.006
eris::log::context::crond Parse crond messages to structured data     0.006
eris::log::context::dhcpd Parses dhcpd messages into structured data.     0.006
eris::log::context::iptables Parses iptables messages into structured data.     0.006
eris::log::context::pfSense::filterlog Parse the pfsense filterlog     0.006
eris::log::context::postfix Parses postfix messages into structured data     0.006
eris::log::context::snort Parses the Snort and Suricata alert logs     0.006
eris::log::context::sshd Parse sshd logs into structured data     0.006
eris::log::context::static Add static keys/values to every message     0.006
eris::log::context::sudo Parses the sudo key=value pairs into structured documents     0.006
eris::log::context::yum Parse the yum syslog output into structured data     0.006
eris::log::contexts Discovery and access for context objects     0.006
eris::log::contextualizer Primary interface to the eris log parsing library     0.006
eris::log::decoder::json Decodes any detected JSON in a log line from then opening curly brace     0.006
eris::log::decoder::syslog Parse the syslog headers using Parse::Syslog::Line     0.006
eris::log::decoders Discovery and access for decoders     0.006
eris::role::context Role for implementing a log context     0.006
eris::role::decoder Role for implementing decoders     0.006
eris::role::dictionary Interface for implementing a dictionary object     0.006
eris::role::dictionary::hash Simple dictionary implementation based off a hash     0.006
eris::role::pluggable Implements the plumbing for an object to support plugins     0.006
eris::role::plugin Common interface for implementing an eris plugin     0.006
eris::role::schema Role for implementing a schema     0.006
eris::schema::syslog Schema for the syslog data     0.006
eris::schemas Discovery and access for schemas     0.006

Documentation Utility for testing the logging contextualizer Simple wrapper to spawn workers for handling syslog stream Sample implementation using the eris toolkit to index data to elasticsearch Utility for testing the logging contextualizer Simple wrapper to spawn workers for handling syslog stream  

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