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Config::Locale - Load and merge locale-specific configuration files.


    use Config::Locale;
    my $locale = Config::Locale->new(
        identity => \@values,
        directory => $config_dir,
    my $config = $locale->config();


This module takes an identity array, determines the permutations of the identity using Algorithm::Loops, loads configuration files using Config::Any, and finally combines the configurations using Hash::Merge.

So, given this setup:

        identity => ['db', '1', 'qa'],

The following configuration files will be looked for (listed from least specific to most):


For each file found the contents will be parsed and then merged together to produce the final configuration hash. The hashes will be merged so that the most specific configuration file will take precedence over the least specific files. So, in the example above, "" values will overwrite values from "db.1.all".



The identity that configuration files will be loaded for. In a typical hostname-basedc configuration setup this will be the be the parts of the hostname that declare the class, number, and cluster that the current host identifies itself as. But, this could be any list of values.


The directory to load configuration files from. Defaults to the current directory.


The wildcard string to use when constructing the configuration filenames. Defaults to "all". This may be explicitly set to undef wich will cause the wildcard string to not be added to the filenames at all.


A stem used to load default configuration values before any other configuration files are loaded.

Defaults to "default". A relative path may be specified which will be assumed to be relative to "directory". If an absolute path is used then no change will be made. Either a scalar or a Path::Class::File object may be used.

Note that "prefix" and "suffix" are not applied to this stem.


If true, then any key that appears in a non-default stem must exist in the default stem or an error will be thrown. Defaults to false.


This works just like "default_stem" except that the configuration values from this stem will override those from all other configuration files.

Defaults to "override".


The character that will be used to separate the identity keys in the configuration filenames. Defaults to ".".


An optional prefix that will be prepended to the configuration filenames.


An optional suffix that will be apended to the configuration filenames. While it may seem like the right place, you probably should not be using this to specify the extension of your configuration files. Config::Any automatically tries many various forms of extensions without the need to explicitly declare the extension that you are using.


Which algorithm used to determine, based on the identity, what configuration files to consider for inclusion.

The default, NESTED, keeps the order of the identity. This is most useful for identities that are derived from the name of a resource as resource names (such as hostnames of machines) typically have a defined structure.

PERMUTE finds configuration files that includes any number of the identity values in any order. Due to the high CPU demands of permutation algorithms this does not actually generate every possible permutation - instead it finds all files that match the directory/prefix/separator/suffix and filters those for values in the identity and is very fast.


Specify a Hash::Merge merge behavior. The default is LEFT_PRECEDENT.



Contains the final configuration hash as merged from the hashes in "default_config", "stem_configs", and "override_configs".


A merged hash of all the hashrefs in "default_configs". This is computed separately, but then merged with, "config" so that the "stem_configs" and "override_configs" can be checked for valid keys if "require_defaults" is set.


An array of hashrefs, each hashref containing a single key/value pair as returned by Config::Any->load_stems() where the key is the filename found, and the value is the parsed configuration hash for any "default_stem" configuration.


Like "default_configs", but for any "stems" configurations.


Like "default_configs", but for any "override_stem" configurations.


Contains an array of Path::Class::File objects for each value in "combinations".


Holds an array of arrays containing all possible permutations of the identity, per the specified "algorithm".


The Hash::Merge object that will be used to merge the configuration hashes.


Aran Clary Deltac <>


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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