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Aran Clary Deltac > Starch-0.06


This Release Starch-0.06  [Download] [Browse 31 Jul 2015
Latest Release Starch-0.07  [Download] [Browse 17 May 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Starch Implementation independent persistent statefulness.     0.06
Starch::Factory Role applicator and class creator.     0.06
Starch::Manager Entry point for accessing Starch state objects.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::AlwaysLoad Always retrieve state data.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::Bundle Base role for Starch plugin bundles.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::CookieArgs Arguments and methods for dealing with HTTP cookies.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::DisableStore Disable store read and/or write operations.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::ForManager Base role for Starch plugins.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::ForState Base role for Starch::State plugins.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::ForStore Base role for Starch::Store plugins.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::LogStoreExceptions Turn Starch store exceptions into log messages.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::RenewExpiration Trigger periodic writes to the store.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::ThrottleStore Throttle misbehaving Starch stores.     0.06
Starch::Plugin::Trace Add extra trace logging to your manager, states, and stores.     0.06
Starch::Role::Log Logging capabilities used internally by Starch.     0.06
Starch::Role::MethodProxy General purpose method proxy support used internally by Starch.     0.06
Starch::State The Starch state object.     0.06
Starch::Store Base role for Starch stores.     0.06
Starch::Store::Layered Layer multiple Starch stores.     0.06
Starch::Store::Memory In-memory Starch store.     0.06
Starch::Util Utility functions used internally by Starch.     0.06
Test::Starch Test core features of starch.     0.06


Starch::Cookbook Starch recipes for common situations.  
Starch::Extending How to alter the behavior of Starch.  
Starch::Manual Implementation independent persistent statefulness.