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This Release Weather-Com-2.0.0  [Download] [Browse 22 Dec 2012
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Special Files


Weather::Com fetching weather information from (Note that is retiring the XML Data Feed.)     1.002
Weather::Com::AirPressure class containing barometric pressure data     1.002
Weather::Com::Base Perl extension for getting weather information from     1.001
Weather::Com::Cached Perl extension for getting weather information from **     1.003
Weather::Com::CurrentConditions class containing current weather conditions     1.003
Weather::Com::DateTime date and time class     1.002
Weather::Com::DayForecast class representing a forecast for one day     1.002
Weather::Com::DayPart class representing daytime or night part of a forecast     1.002
Weather::Com::Finder finder class to search for ** location's     1.002
Weather::Com::Forecast class representing all available weather forecasts for one location     1.003
Weather::Com::L10N     1.001
Weather::Com::L10N::de     1.001
Weather::Com::L10N::en_us     1.001
Weather::Com::L10N::fr     1.001
Weather::Com::Location class representing one location and its weather     1.003
Weather::Com::Moon class containing moon phase information     1.002
Weather::Com::Object     1.001
Weather::Com::Simple Simple Wrapper around the Weather::Com::Cached API     1.002
Weather::Com::UVIndex class containing the uv index data     1.002
Weather::Com::Units class representing units of measure     1.002
Weather::Com::Wind class containing wind data     1.002


French language pack Sample script to show the usage of the *Weather::Com::Simple* module Sample script to show the usage of the OO API of *Weather::Com*