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Tomas Doran > MooseX-Storage-0.31


This Release MooseX-Storage-0.31  [Download] [Browse 28 Feb 2012
Latest Release MooseX-Storage-0.52  [Download] [Browse 22 Jun 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


MooseX::Storage A serialization framework for Moose classes     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Base::WithChecksum A more secure serialization role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Basic The simplest level of serialization     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Deferred A role for undecisive programmers     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Engine The meta-engine to handle collapsing and expanding objects     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Engine::IO::AtomicFile The actually atomic file storage mechanism.     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Engine::IO::File The actually file storage mechanism.     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Engine::Trait::DisableCycleDetection A custom trait to bypass cycle detection      
MooseX::Storage::Engine::Trait::OnlyWhenBuilt An engine trait to bypass serialization      
MooseX::Storage::Format::JSON A JSON serialization role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Format::Storable A Storable serialization role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Format::YAML A YAML serialization role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::IO::AtomicFile An Atomic File I/O role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::IO::File A basic File I/O role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::IO::StorableFile An Storable File I/O role     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Meta::Attribute::DoNotSerialize A custom meta-attribute to bypass serialization     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Meta::Attribute::Trait::DoNotSerialize A custom meta-attribute-trait to bypass serialization     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Traits::DisableCycleDetection A custom trait to bypass cycle detection     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Traits::OnlyWhenBuilt A custom trait to bypass serialization     0.31
MooseX::Storage::Util A MooseX::Storage swiss-army chainsaw     0.31