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Source   Latest Release: Mouse-v2.5.4


Mouse::Meta::Class - hook into the Mouse MOP


initialize ClassName -> Mouse::Meta::Class

Finds or creates a Mouse::Meta::Class instance for the given ClassName. Only one instance should exist for a given class.

new %args -> Mouse::Meta::Class

Creates a new Mouse::Meta::Class. Don't call this directly.

name -> ClassName

Returns the name of the owner class.

superclasses -> [ClassName]

Gets (or sets) the list of superclasses of the owner class.

add_attribute (Mouse::Meta::Attribute| name => spec)

Begins keeping track of the existing Mouse::Meta::Attribute for the owner class.

get_all_attributes -> (Mouse::Meta::Attribute)

Returns the list of all Mouse::Meta::Attribute instances associated with this class and its superclasses.

get_attribute_map -> { name => Mouse::Meta::Attribute }

Returns a mapping of attribute names to their corresponding Mouse::Meta::Attribute objects.

get_attribute_list -> { name => Mouse::Meta::Attribute }

This returns a list of attribute names which are defined in the local class. If you want a list of all applicable attributes for a class, use the get_all_attributes method.

has_attribute Name -> Bool

Returns whether we have a Mouse::Meta::Attribute with the given name.

get_attribute Name -> Mouse::Meta::Attribute | undef

Returns the Mouse::Meta::Attribute with the given name.

linearized_isa -> [ClassNames]

Returns the list of classes in method dispatch order, with duplicates removed.

clone_object Instance -> Instance

Clones the given Instance which must be an instance governed by this metaclass.

clone_instance Instance, Parameters -> Instance

The clone_instance method has been made private. The public version is deprecated.

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