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Boris Däppen > EBook-MOBI-0.41


This Release EBook-MOBI-0.41  [Download] [Browse 18 Apr 2012
Latest Release EBook-MOBI-0.72  [Download] [Browse 26 Sep 2015
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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


EBook::MOBI create an eBook in the MOBI format - out of POD formatted content.     0.41
EBook::MOBI::Mhtml2Mobi     0.41
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::EXTH     2011.11.26
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::MobiHeader     2011.11.26
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Address     1.19
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Datebook     1.19
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Doc     1.19
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Mail     1.16
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Memo     1.13
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::PDB     1.29
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::Raw     1.10
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::StdAppInfo     1.19
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Palm::ToDo     1.12
EBook::MOBI::MobiPerl::Util     2011.11.26
EBook::MOBI::Picture Make sure that pictures cope with the MOBI standards.     0.41
EBook::MOBI::Pod2Mhtml Create HTML, flavoured for the MOBI format, out of POD.     0.41


EBook::MOBI::Mhtml2Mobi- Create a Mobi eBook by packing MOBI-ready HTML.  
Palm::Address Handler for Palm AddressBook databases  
Palm::Datebook Handler for Palm DateBook databases.  
Palm::Doc Handler for Palm Doc books  
Palm::Mail Handler for Palm Mail databases.  
Palm::Memo Handler for Palm Memo databases.  
Palm::PDB Parse Palm database files.  
Palm::Raw Handler for "raw" Palm databases.  
Palm::StdAppInfo Handles standard AppInfo block (categories)  
Palm::ToDo Handler for Palm ToDo databases.