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Create a dbfile with the tables pkit_user and sessions for use with DBD::SQLite. ^

Overview ^

This script creates a dbfile with the tables pkit_user and sessions for DBD::SQLite.

Requirements ^


Usage ^ dbfile

dbfile is the name of your dbfile. The eg site use 'dbfile' as the dbfilename. And expect it in the pkit_root directory.

Description ^

The script creates the file your_dbfile in the current directory and creates the tables pkit_user and sessions. Suitable for use with DBD::SQLite.

CREATE TABLE pkit_user ( user_id CHAR(8), login CHAR(255), email CHAR(255), passwd CHAR(255) )

CREATE TABLE sessions ( id char(32) not null primary key, a_session text )

This may be usefull if you start a application. In short it is the same that ./t/TEST -start-httpd or make test does for the eg site.

Example ^ dbfile


  Boris Zentner
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