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midgen - Check requires & test_requires of your package for CPAN inclusion.


This document describes midgen version: 0.34


Change to the root of your package and run, command line options always overwrite options from ~/.midgenrc if you have one.


Now with a Getopt --help or -?

 midgen -?


 midgen [options]


--help or -h

Prints a help message and exits.

   --help           brief help message
   --format         change output format
   --dual_life      show dual-life modules
   --core           show all perl core modules
   --verbose        show detailed progress of files we are processing
   --experimental   this feature under development
   --zero           show a 0 instead of core
   --debug          show much more information relevant to self development
--format or -f

By default we output to STDOUT in 'dsl' format, so you can check, copy n paste or select an alternative format as shown below.

 midgen -f dsl          # Module::Include::DSL
 midgen -f mi           # Module::Include
 midgen -f mb           # Module::Build
 midgen -f eumm         # ExtUtils::MakeMaker
 midgen -f dist         # dist.ini
 midgen -f cpanfile     # cpanfile prereqs
 midgen -f metajson     # META.json
 midgen -f infile       # show module in-files
--dual_life or -l

Shows modules that are in Perl core and CPAN, some modules have a version number eg; constant, Carp.

 midgen -l
--core or -c

Shows all modules that are in Perl core, including dual-life, some have a version of 0 eg; strict, English.

 midgen -c
--verbose or -v

Show file names that we are checking, as we go.

 midgen -v
--experimental or -x

This experimental feature turns on extra passing, that removes twins and noisy_children, replacing them with there parent(dist), giving a minimalist output, you might conceive this as controversial, if so don't enable it. It also scans xt/ directory if you have one. If you find it to noisy you can add a '-q' for --quiet.

 midgen -x
--zero or z

Use a '0' instead of 'core' for core module version number, suggest you incorporate it with core for maximum affect.

 midgen -cz
--write or -w

You can now write your current options to ~/.midgenrc in JSON format (core, dual_life, format, zero), to be used again. I you want to edit your ~./midgenrc file, you could use the Getopt --no-option to negate an option, or you can edit/delete the file, your choice.

 midgen --no-z -w
--debug or -d

Provides a vast amount of output, relevant to development also enables (core, verbose), uses Data::Printer.

Suggest you consider redirecting STDERR when the debug option is used.

 midgen -d 2>debug.txt


See App::Midgen


See App::Midgen


See App::Midgen


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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