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Gabriel Horner > Fry-Shell-0.15


This Release Fry-Shell-0.15  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2005
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Special Files


Fry::Base Base class providing minimal set of handy methods. Some used to communicate between shell components and used to communicate between shell components.     
Fry::Cmd Class for shell commands.     
Fry::Config::Default Default Config plugin for Fry::Shell.     
Fry::Config::YAML Fry::Shell Config plugin which uses YAML.     
Fry::Dump::DataDumper Dump plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Data::Dumper.     
Fry::Dump::Default Default Dump plugin for Fry::Shell     
Fry::Dump::TreeDumper Dump plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Data::TreeDumper.     
Fry::Error Redefines warn and die to trigger actions by error levels and tags.     
Fry::Lib Class for shell libraries.     
Fry::Lib::DBI Autoloaded library for DBI's object methods.     
Fry::Lib::Default Default library loaded by Fry::Shell     
Fry::Lib::Inspector Autoloaded library for Class::Inspector's class methods.     
Fry::List Base class serving as a container for its subclass's objects.     
Fry::Opt Class for shell options.     
Fry::ReadLine::Default Default ReadLine plugin for Fry::Shell.     
Fry::ReadLine::Gnu ReadLine plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Term::ReadLine::Gnu.     
Fry::Shell Flexible shell framework which encourages using loadable libraries of functions.    0.15
Fry::ShellI Extended Fry::Shell interface to be used by libraries and plugins as needed.     
Fry::Sub Class for shell subroutines     
Fry::Var Class for shell variables.     
Fry::View::CLI Default View plugin for Fry::Shell displaying to the commandline.     


Fry::Developer Documentation for Developers