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Fry::ShellI - Extended Fry::Shell interface to be used by libraries and plugins as needed.


The public methods of this class are mainly used in library classes. Since this module inherits from Fry::Base, some of its methods are also encouraged to be used in libraries. These methods are dumper,view,Var,setVar and listCore as well as the Plugin-related methods. See their documentation in Fry::Base.

A word about using methods from a core class, don't rely too heavily on them since core classes and their methods may change. Also, don't use core class accessors directly in a library.


Instead, you should use &call



        call($core_class,$method): Calls a core class's method to call the library class's &unloadLib:


        List($core_class): Returns list of object ids for given core class. Wrapper around a core class's &listIds.
        listAll($core_class): Returns list of object ids and their aliases for core class. Wrapper around a core class's &listAliasAndIds.
        saveArray(@value): Sets the lines variable to the given array. Used with the menu option.
        varMany(@var): Gets several variable values.
        requireLibraries(@libs): Loads libraries if they're not loaded.

        Note: Valid core classes are the core class accessors in Fry::Base.


Me. Gabriel that is. I welcome feedback and bug reports to cldwalker AT chwhat DOT com . If you like using perl,linux,vim and databases to make your life easier (not lazier ;) check out my website at


Copyright (c) 2004, Gabriel Horner. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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