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Fry::Var - Class for shell variables.


This module's objects store configuration data for the shell and its libraries. Since a shell's configuration includes the current classes used for each shell component, Fry::Var is used often along with Fry::Base to communicate between shell component classes. A Fry::Var object is the simplest of shell component classes containg only id and value attributes. All values are scalar (ie hashref or arrayref) since all var objects are stored in a hash.

You can also sync a variable to any public variable by setting the attribute refname to the variable's full name. Note that the sync is only maintained by using &setVar and &Var ie (always set the variable with &setVar and get its value with &Var). Thus if you change the public variable without using &setVar then it will have a different value than its corresponding variable object.

A variable object has the following attributes:

        Attributes with a '*' next to them are always defined.

        *id($): Unique id.
        *value($): Holds value. Can also be a reference to any data type. Isn't updated if an object
                uses refname.
        refname($): Full variable name of a public variable, usualy declared using our.
                ie 'Fry::Lib::Sample::FullVariable' 


        Var($var): gets variable value
        setVar(%var_to_value): sets variable value
        verify_value($var,$value): Verifies a variable's value if it has the enum attribute. If an
                invalid value is given then it sets it to the value contained in the default


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Copyright (c) 2004, Gabriel Horner. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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